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A photograph is the pause button on life.

Send in the Clowns

To extend my photographic knowledge I decided to book a one to one photo shoot with Kristina Locke, Sister of Sinister at her studio in Tontine Street. I wanted to use a clown theme, but a subtle take on perhaps what is usually very colourful. I scoured Pinterest for inspiration, finding lots of ideas to stimulate my thoughts.  I decided I wanted to use a ruffle to circle the models neck so started to investigate availability on the internet.  What was advertisd seemed to me a bit naff so decided to make one.  I sourced a vintage bridal veil and recycled it into a tulle ruffle, and the results are shown in my images. My thoughts and plans for the effect I visualised were realized and I am very pleased with the results straight out of the camera.  I will enjoy processing them.

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