Driving along, and fairly close to home, I suddenly spotted a sign ‘The Gingerly Green Flower Farm’, I was intrigued. I googled it and discovered I could book a slot to go and pick a selection of flowers for £25. I had hoped I could take images of the flowers as I picked, but the wind was too blustery. I returned home with my varied selection of summer flowers, some favourites but some unusual ones too. At home, I could take my time to arrange and lay out the selection, and using my light box and natural daylight I took lots of shots, closeups and multi exposures and well as straight shots. It was good to take time and care and soon I had some 300 images to download and then to process my favourites, I then decided to display them as colour coordinated triptychs here. I enjoyed picking my flowers and then using various lenses my Sony camera and playing with various apps on my iPhone.

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